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February 7, 2017 7:00 pm

Jaye Budd, musician, performer, writer, businessman and founder of nonprofit Alchemy Sky

Eagle Eye Books
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The Village Writers Group welcomes Jaye Budd, musician, performer, writer, businessman and founder of Alchemy Sky, a nonprofit with a mission to bring the healing power of music to those who need it. Come and join the discussion of all things music - lyrics, the creative process, performing, and the amazing effects of performing and hearing music.

“I love the entire process of making music - the collaboration, the creative process, the idea of going into a studio and leaving with something that wasn’t there before. The whole is truly greater than the sum of the parts.”
An avid musician, Jaye has recorded his own songs in multiple states including Vibe Asylum Studio in Honolulu and Sun Studio in Memphis. His songs speak to the power and resilience of the human spirit. The first single of his upcoming CD, All This Life, is titled, “It’s Too Early (To Be Too Late)” and is now available on iTunes and Amazon.

“Music for me is a way to connect. I’m not great at that in many aspects of my life but, with music, many of those fears melt away. Laughter and music are the shortest distance between two people in my experience.”

Indeed, Jaye relates in an Alchemy Sky News Update how music connected him in his early family life. “When I was little (a.k.a. knee-high to a grasshopper little), I remember singing Carpenters’ songs on my dad’s lap. He used to mimeograph (the great-granddaddy of copiers) the liner notes from his vinyl records at his office. We used to sit after a holiday dinner, sing with all my relatives and had a ball. The same relatives who perhaps, let’s just say, weren’t harmonizing at the dinner table just minutes before.”

A successful businessman, Jaye spent 13 years at Verizon Wireless during the “boom” phase of the wireless industry, playing an integral leadership role on both the sales and marketing teams. Starting in a time when most people did not have a mobile phone until the ubiquitous explosion that is wireless today, Jaye led his teams through unprecedented growth.

Jaye’s work with the nonprofit he founded, The Alchemy Sky Foundation, is to use music to heal people. The Foundation, has worked with teens at Covenant House and veterans at the VA nursing home. “Music is also a great way to heal what ails us. It can pick a lot of locks. It can remember for us, feel for us and let us explore the parts of ourselves that we can’t otherwise access.”
Join us at the Eagle Eye Book Shop in the back meeting room on June 6 at 7 p.m. to meet Jaye and join in the discussion.

--Debra Bowling, author of The Memory of Flight

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July 2017 -- no monthly meeting. Critique groups will meet as usual.

August 1 Summer Social at a restaurant to be announced.

September 1-3 We'll be attending the AJC Decatur Book Festival. Check the festival's website,, after June 12 for authors speaking at the festival and other details. 

October 3 Charlene Ball, author of Dark Lady: A Novel of Emilia Bassano Lanyer

Emilia Bassano has four strikes against her: she is poor, beautiful, female, and intelligent in Elizabethan England. To make matters worse, she comes from a family of secret Jews. When she is raped as a teenager, she knows she probably will not be able to make a good marriage, so she becomes the mistress of a much older nobleman. During this time she falls in love with poet/player William Shakespeare, and they have a brief, passionate relationship―but when the plague comes to England, the nobleman abandons her, leaving her pregnant and without financial security.

In the years that follow, Emilia is forced to make a number of difficult decisions in her efforts to survive, and not all of them turn out well for her. But ultimately, despite the disadvantaged position she was born to, she succeeds in pursuing her dreams of becoming a writer―and even publishes a book of poetry in 1611 that makes a surprisingly modern argument for women’s equality.

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The first VWG anthology is on sale for $10.00 at monthly meetings. You can also order it on-line at The book is entitled
Loves Lost and Found,
or, Love is where you find it.

Lynn Hesse and Sally Matthews joined Tony Miller on the selection panel; none of the three had made a submission, so there was no conflict of interest. The panel picked the following entries:

Short Stories
"Big Box" by Cecilia Dominic
"Leslie's Last Concubine" by Kenneth Allen
"A Luscious Epiphany" by Kaye D. Schmitz
"When the Hurleyburley's Done" by Susan Crawford
"Family Defined" and "Where Furniture Goes to Die" by Cheryl Hart Snapperman

"Room with One Window" by Aaron Bean
"Rooms" and "Wars" by Susan Crawford

The cover picture is the gift to VWG of Mary Frances, both author and artist, and a past member. It shows a chair that appears in both of Cheryl Snapperman's stories as a supporting character.

Congratulations to the chosen authors, and thanks to all who submitted.

--Anthony Miller
Chairman, Village Writers Group 

March 17, 2015, 7:00 pm
Susan Crawford, VWG Member, launched first novel

On Saturday, July 25, 7:00 pm at The Marlay House, VWG member Denis Hearn launched his second mystery thriller starring the detecting team of Garda inspector Conor Horgan and journalist Anne O'Gorman. Set in the author's native Ireland, of course the novel was launched in an Irish pub.

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